What’s Brainy Moves



Brainy Moves is a holistic brain training program developed based on scientific research to enhance cognitive functions through exercise and play. Incorporating a structured curriculum with novel and meaningful activities and movements, the fun-filled program, it also builds resilience and inculcates positive values. Brainy Moves offers customised programs on fitness and wellness, weight management, special needs therapy, injury recovery, sports exposure, outdoor and values education programs. Uniqueness of program Enhance both the brain and the body through complex moves, fun activities and sensory training Efficient workout to exercise different parts of the body and the brain at the same time Minimal impact on the joints Customisable to be suitable for all levels of psychomotor skills and health conditions Pre and post assessment with psychometric tests and health measurements


Effectively Helps To:

Boost Reading and Comprehensive skills

Improve Memory and Language Learning

Improve Behaviour and Better Manage Emotions

Sharpen Focus and Concentration

Build Resilience and Inculcate Positive Values

Enhance Health and Fitness

Enhance Multi-tasking Abilities

Motivate and Energise the Brain and Body for Learning

Improve Psychomotor and fine motor skills

Why Brainy Moves?

Personalised Programme for Your Child

Friendly, Trained Coaches who understand the Science behind Movement and the Brain

Effective, Novel and Innovative Activities that are frequenlty Redesigned to Engage the Brain

Very Low and Ideal Student to Trainer Ratio: Maximum 8 in a class with 1 Coach, i.e. 8 children to 1 Adult

Fun and Purposeful Programme that Your Children will Enjoy

Well Equipped Purpose-designed Studio with Colourful & Engaging Environment

Brainy Moves Program Framework

Enhance Brain Function

Reduce neuro-degeneration
Improve memory
Increase level of alertness and reduce fatigue
Reduce stress and anxiety
Better able to multi-task
Improves creativity
Improves reading, comprehension, and learning abilities

Enhance Body

Improve postural stability
Tone the body in an efficient way
Reduce body fat
Increase lean muscle mass
Improve bone density
Strengthen core muscles
Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes type II

Brain Training

Brain Training is more effective

Research studies have shown brain training is more effective than tuition. Students can attend lessons after lessons or even extra tuition but show little improvement and end up unmotivated, discouraged, and frustrated. Why? The brain is simply not connected well and lagging in certain areas.

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