Meet James

James Tang – Founder and Principal Trainer

With many children addicted to gadgets and decrease in opportunities to play and exercise, James has a mission to raise awareness on the importance of complex exercise in the development of the brain and keeping it sharp, and change the mindsets of parents, educators, and even medical professionals.

James founded Brainy Moves, a science-based program that uses complex exercise to boost the brain for both children and adults. It is endorsed by Dr John Ratey from Harvard Medical School. James guest lectures at NIE to MOE teachers and Principals on the scientific research on how movement impacts the brain and trains teachers how to carry out brain breaks in the classroom. James also goes to schools to conduct the Brainy Moves program to help improve students’ learning abilities.

Formally trained in Physical Education and Sports Science at NIE, James is also certified by Changi General Hospital as a Clinical Fitness Professional (Exercise is Medicine Singapore). A former PE and Maths teacher, he is experienced in coaching and training students in fitness, wellness and sports, including neuro-typical students and those with learning difficulties.

The Brainy Moves program was developed based on science to help neuro typical children maximise their potential, and children with special needs to improve in their conditions. Students at Brainy Moves have seen amazing transformations with improved high-order thinking, speech, improvements in academic results, focus & concentration, with the most dramatic and significant improvements  seen in children with special needs conditions.

James and the Brainy Moves program has been featured in several media platforms such as The Straits Times, Business Times (Executive Lifestyle), Zao Bao Comma, My Paper, The New Paper, Good Morning Singapore 早安您好! MediaCorp Channel 8 and 938 Live.


Mobile: +65 8338 7578

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Meet Iris

Iris Teo – Assistant Manager

A graduate from Republic Polytechnic with a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science, Iris Teo is one of the key trainers at Brainy Moves, specializing in exercise that enhances cognition. Certified in First Aid NRC – CPR, Iris is also a qualified NAPFA Tester.

Having coached at an eminent preschool, Iris is experienced in engaging young children in a variety of meaningful play activities. Through her study exchange programme at the Southbank Institute of Technology, Brisbane (Australia), Iris gained expertise in physiology, exercise prescription, coaching and sports nutrition. During her time there, she was exposed to a range of coaching methods in a variety of sports, games and fitness.

As a child, Iris was very active and played volleyball since the age of 10. Even though she trained regularly, she was still overweight at 70kg. After undergoing a Sport Management course where she learnt about the vital link between nutrition and exercise and mastered powerful techniques to overcome her weight problems, she lost more than 10kg within 2 months. Her efforts have since motivated many people around her to get fit and healthy through precise smart workouts.

Iris continues to inspire many young students with her enthusiasm and knowledge, as well as cheerful and engaging delivery of the Brainy Moves programme. 

Meet Song Yang

Song Yang – Centre Executive (Applied Psychology and Training)

Song Yang’s strong passion for helping children with special needs can, in part, be traced back to his younger years as he grew up with dyspraxia. This led him to want to help the special needs community, and he feels that the best way to do this is by having fun. He believes that through exercise, children not only have fun but also developmental fortitude. Song Yang graduated with a degree in psychology from the Singapore Management University, with a particular interest in personality, developmental, cognitive, cultural and abnormal psychology.

Before working at Brainy Moves, Song Yang served the special needs community at SG Enable and a private developmental clinic. His experience with the special needs community in both an office and a clinical setting has given him a broad range of experience in terms of learning how to understand and manage children with a range of conditions. Also, Song Yang is CPR + AED Certified and has been certified by Changi General Hospital as a clinical fitness professional (Exercise is Medicine).

Song Yang has been an active tennis player since a very young age and spearheads a competitive tchoukball team. He also plays football, basketball and volleyball recreationally. These experiences underpin his belief that exercise helps tremendously in terms of personal and cognitive development.

Meet Song Yang
Meet Yvonne

Yvonne Oh – Centre Executive (Program Development & Training)

Yvonne is passionate about helping people around her get fitter and healthier through fun and play.  A graduate in Exercise and Sports Science, Yvonne’s expertise lies in exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, and biomechanics. A registered coach under the Ministry of Education, and a certified Sports Trainer under Sports Medicine Australia, Yvonne is experienced in coaching children in primary and secondary schools in sports and nutrition.

An active dragon-boater and table tennis player since young, Yvonne strongly believes that exercise and sports builds resilience, confidence and strengthens cognitive abilities in both children and adults. She finds it rewarding seeing people grow and benefit from the Brainy Moves programme. Yvonne is certified in Standard First Aid, CPR, and AED.

Meet Yvonne Oh
Meet Josiah

Josiah Aw – Centre Executive (Program Development and Training)

Josiah has been very passionate about sports and exercise since young. Having grown up in an environment that encourages sports, Josiah developed a deep curiosity to understand how the body works and how to improve the performance of a person in sports. Being an avid sports person, Josiah is involved in basketball, soccer and running. Apart from that, Josiah is open to new challenges such as the Spartan Race.The immense love for sports led Josiah to attend a course in sports science and to graduate with a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science.

Before working at Brainy Moves, Josiah took care of children, aged 7-12, at an afterschool care for over a year. At the afterschool care, Josiah honed his skills in class management and conducting exercise and sports-related programme. Thus, he developed a compassion to help nurture the nimble lives. Josiah believes that every child develops best when they are happily engaged in activities that are fun. Moreover, he is convinced that exercise is key to transforming lives physically and cognitively.

Moving forward, Josiah’s thirst for knowledge has also led him on to further pursue a Specialist Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science. Furthermore, he wishes to explore and find more ways that his knowledge can be applied to develop and transform many more lives, young and old.