Transforming Lives. Rewiring Brains. Unleashing Potential.

Brainy Moves®, an effective fun-filled Clinical Neuropsychological Physiology Program, is dedicated in its mission to improve the physical, cognitive and emotional faculties of children, adults and seniors of all brain types and medical conditions. In so doing, their quality of lives is enhanced, enabling them to realise their potential with resilience and maximised abilities.


Brainy Moves® will lead the way in improving the lives of many through effective funfilled Clinical Neuropsychological Physiology brain training across Asia.


Brainy Moves® is built upon the values of “BRICK”.

BRICK”represents Best quality, Relationship, Integrity, Compassion and Knowledge BRICK lays a strong foundation in building our Brainy Moves® programs.

Best quality

We are committed to delivering quality personalised programs and products that benefit our clients. Our relentless pursuit to advance our clients’ progress includes continuous refinement of programs based on up-to-date developments in global scientific research, delivered by qualified, competent and compassionate coaches team members.


We aspire to foster meaningful and lasting relationships with all our stakeholders, and together, work to transform lives and families positively.


We strive to uphold utmost integrity in all that we do.


In all we do, we do it with utmost sincerity, with strong compassion for those who are in need. We treat every life with tenderness and respect for the uniqueness they each have.


We are committed to help every individual exceed their capabilities. At Brainy Moves®, our clients benefit from our continuous research, learning and application of relevant knowledge and skills.