What’s Brainy Moves?


Brainy Moves is a fun-filled brain training program developed based on scientific research to enhance cognitive functions through the novel and cognitively-engaging physical exercise, play and activities.

Grounded in neuroscience, psychology and sports science, Brainy Moves is designed to increase neurogenesis (creation of new brain cells), enhance neuroplasticity (improve and strengthen neural pathways) and regulate neurotransmitters (neurochemicals that regulate alertness, attention and more).

With well-defined framework and sound pedagogy, novel and purposeful activities, movements, and play are put together to achieve the following outcomes:


  • Enhanced Executive Functions
    • Greater Attention Control
    • Better Impulse Control
    • Stronger Working Memory
    • More Effective Planning Ability
    • Increased Level of Alertness
    • Stronger Inference Ability
  • Better Sensory Processing Ability
  • Improved Expressive Language Ability
  • Stronger Comprehension Ability


  • More Proficient Psychomotor Skills
    • Better Motor Planning Skills
    • Improved Self-Confidence
    • Improved Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  • Greater Core Strength
    • Improved Postural Stability
  • Improved Physical Strength and Stamina
  • Better Physical Health
    • Better Body Mass Index
  • Improved Bone Density
  • Reduced Risk of:
    • Obesity
    • Cardiovascular Disease
    • Diabetes Type II

Social and Emotional

  • Greater Self-Confidence would lead to Better Socialising
  • More Willing to Try New Things
  • Strong Resilience
  • Better Able to Cope with Toxic Stress
  • Positive Values are Inculcated
  • More Positive Disposition

By incorporating a structured curriculum with novel and purposeful activities and movements, Brainy Moves aims to strengthen the body and the brain, and to build resilience and inculcate positive values.

Research has shown that two elements are most effective in boosting the brain for learning – novelty and complex exercise. The Brainy Moves programme is designed to incorporate a comprehensive series of fun exercises that are both novel and complex, and uses different movements to target, stimulate, and boost different parts of the brain.

Why Brainy Moves?

Catered to every participant’s specific needs.

Friendly, Trained Coaches who understand the Science behind Movement and the Brain

Effective, Novel and Innovative Activities that are frequenlty Redesigned to Engage the Brain

Very Low and Ideal Student to Trainer Ratio: Maximum 8 Students to 1 Coach.

Fun and Purposeful Programme that Your Children will Enjoy

Well Equipped Purpose-designed Studio with Colourful & Engaging Environment

Safe Emotional & Learning Environment
Participants are assessed and matched according to their personality and competency.

Close Partnership with Parents / Guardians
Apart from the brief after-session updates, termly reports will be provided to help parents understand their children’s progress.